We Are West Linn Wood Fence Contractors

When you’re searching for honest West Linn wood fence contractors who can build a solid, attractive wood fence, take a look at Infinity Construction Services. Need a new fence? We can help. Has your fence been damaged by a storm or accident or simply the effects of time? We can help. We provide wood fence construction services for residential and commercial customers in West Linn. Get in touch with our team today to schedule a free estimate.

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Infinity Construction Services are local wood fence contractors

We Build New and Replacement Fences

We aim to be the West Linn fence contractors you can count on to help you with:

  • New fence installation
  • Wood fence repairs
  • Fence removal and disposal

We Build and Maintain Wood Fences

While there are many kinds of materials that are used for fencing, we focus on wood. Slats are usually cedar for its natural longevity, but we are always up to try new things for the adventurous client. Wood fences just have that timeless beauty not to mention flexibility to produce openness or privacy that other materials just can’t match. What wood fence design have you been dreaming of? Talk with us today to start making the dream a reality.

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At Infinity Construction, We Strive to be West Linn Wood Fence Contractors You Can Trust

A good fence is a significant investment monetarily and in terms of the future enjoyment of your property. So when you’re searching for a team to build a fence, you want to find someone you can trust to do the job right in all its aspects. At Infinity Construction Services, we personally value using the best materials and highest quality craftsmanship we can for all our West Linn, Oregon customers. We aren’t satisfied unless we can provide you with a quality solution that lasts. If that sounds like the West Linn wood fence contractors you’d like to work with, contact us today to get started.

Infinity Construction Services are local wood fence contractors

Our West Linn Wood Fence Contractors FAQ

How do I estimate the cost of a fence?

Costs will vary widely depending on the style of fence to be constructed, special conditions related to the terrain, number of gates, and the current cost of materials. As with any project of this magnitude, the price really should be estimated for your unique situation. Give your local West Linn wood fence contractors at Infinity Construction Services today to set one up. It’s quick and painless and you’ll be able to have a solid idea how much you’ll be looking to spend.

Is it cheaper to build your own wood fence?

The main savings you will experience as a DIYer is on labor, and this can be significant. But if you don’t have experience, doing the job yourself can cost you. Not to mention your time is worth something, and building a fence yourself will probably take quite a bit longer than having our crew take care of you. A contractor may also be able to find materials more inexpensive than you can. In short, you will likely save some money doing it yourself, but you should count the cost before you start. Consider getting an estimate so you’ll be able to make a fully informed decision.

Is it better to buy fence panels or build your own?

If your property is all on relatively level ground and you can find fence panels that work for your style, going with the pre-built option can be a good choice to get your fence up quickly and looking great. If you need more of a custom approach, building your own panels or using a panel-free approach is the way to go.

What kind of wood is best to use on West Linn fences?

For slats, cedar is the most popular choice in the West Linn area. Cedar or pressure treated fir should be used for the posts, and those should ideally be put into the ground with concrete to ensure security and longevity.

What is a privacy fence?

In a straightforward way, a privacy fence is a fence that provides not only division but obstruction of the view. Typically a privacy fence will be at least 6 feet high and will feature a closed design with wood slats, sometimes arranged in multiple layers to more completely block visibility.

How tall should my fence be?

That depends on the feel you are looking for. Many modern residential fences are approximately 6 feet high for privacy, especially in the backyard. In the front, shorter fences (between 3 and 5 feet) will give a more inviting feel while still sectioning off your space.

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Infinity Construction Services are West Linn, Oregon Wood Fence Contractors

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