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When you are in need of new or replacement seamless gutters, get in touch with the Sherwood gutter contractors at Infinity Construction Services. Aluminum or steel, K-style or fascia, no matter the roof, we can help. Talk with our team today to discuss your options and set up a free estimate.

We Install and Replace Aluminum and Steel Gutters

When your old steel gutters have finally rusted out their bottom, or a storm has done damage to your aluminum gutters, or you’re looking to have an entirely new gutter system installed on recent construction, we can help. We strive to be the best Sherwood gutter contractors around, using quality aluminum and steel which is formed and cut on-site for a seamless solution that fits perfectly.

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Gutter Styles We Install

The most common styles of gutter for the Pacific Northwest are K-style and fascia. How can you tell the difference?

Fascia gutters have the fancier-sounding name, but are much simpler in their appearance. From the outside, they present a simple, straight face with a line running down the middle. They are easy to paint and complement the look of any home by not drawing attention to themselves.

K-style gutters more resemble crown molding. Like crown molding, they don’t blend in as much to the overall appearance of your house, but elegantly complement and frame it.

All styles of gutters come in multiple sizes and color options to meet your needs. Schedule an estimate today to see how Infinity Construction Services can help.

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At Infinity Construction, We Strive to be Sherwood Gutter Contractors You Can Trust

Gutters are essential to the integrity of your house. Not to mention they’re an investment. So when you’re searching for a crew to install or replace your gutters, you want to find someone you can trust to do the job right. At Infinity Construction Services, we personally value using the best materials and highest quality craftsmanship we can for all our Sherwood, Oregon customers. No matter your gutter needs, we aren’t satisfied unless we can provide you with a quality solution that lasts. If that sounds like the qualities of you’d like to work with in your Sherwood gutter contractors, contact us today to get started.

An example of our work as Sherwood gutter contractors

Our Sherwood Gutter Contractors FAQ

How much does replacing gutters cost in Sherwood? What is the cost of gutters per foot?

Without speaking directly to your situation and the costs for the specific materials you’re looking to use, it’s not possible to give a dollar amount. We can, however, talk about factors that will go into the overall pricing. These include:

  • The material you select (aluminum or steel)
  • The length of gutters to be installed
  • The number of angles required
  • The number of downspouts required
  • Whether these are new or replacement gutters
  • Specific color options for your gutters

Do you install gutter guards? Are gutter guards a good investment?

At this time, we do not install gutter guards. There are many on the market which may be a good add-on to a new gutter installation, but be careful and do your research. Some of the products over-promise and under-deliver. In some cases, the installation of a gutter guard may end up costing more than paying for a regular cleaning of your gutters.

What are seamless gutters? Are seamless gutters worth the money?

Seamless gutters are what we install. They are made from a single strip of material which is cut and folded to fit your roof. This is the gold standard way of creating gutters. Some DIY gutter systems are sold in smaller sections which then need to be connected together with fittings. This has the disadvantage of being more prone to leaks and material building up in the gutters. While these systems may be cheaper than having a gutter system professionally installed, you will likely have to replace them sooner than a seamless gutter. In short, yes, seamless gutters are worth the money.

What are the advantages of aluminum gutters in Sherwood?

  • Aluminum gutters tend to be cheaper than steel
  • Aluminum gutters do not rust

What are the advantages of steel gutters?

  • Steel gutters are more rigid than aluminum and less prone to denting or deformation

What size gutters should I get?

Most homeowners in Sherwood will be able to get away with 5” K-style or fascia gutters. The only reason to go larger would be due to a large roof pitch or large square footage requiring the capability to handle more volume. As your gutter contractors, we can help you make this decision.

What is the purpose of gutters? Do you really need gutters on your Sherwood house?

Gutters redirect water from the foundation of your house, which is where it would end up going if there were no gutter system installed. When your foundation is exposed to water, some of that water can seep into your home. This is especially true if you have a basement. Water can also cause damage to the foundation itself. In areas with little rainfall, gutters may not be required. But in the Pacific Northwest, gutters are a must.

What are the different styles of gutters?

The most common style is the K-style, which resembles crown molding. The fascia style is flat, which makes for easy painting. Some gutters are made in a half-round shape, but this is not common in our area unless perhaps you choose copper as a material. Both styles work well practically speaking, so it comes down to your personal preference.

Do you roll out your own gutter material on-site?

Yes, we have a machine that takes sheets of aluminum or steel and rolls it out to create seamless gutters custom-made to fit your home.

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